The Wringing Massage Technique

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What Is Wringing In Massage?

The wringing massage technique is a helpful technique which helps to move toxins out of the muscles and into the bloodstream which in turn takes toxins out through the organs of elimination, including the skin, lungs, kidneys, bladder and bowels.
Wringing is used mainly on the arms, legs and back. Allow your hands to completely cover the area that you choose to work on, then pull with each hand very lightly in opposite directions. If you are working on the arm, place your hands around the muscle and pull with one hand in one direction while pulling with the other hand in the opposite direction to the other. At the midpoint of this movement, your hands should pass each other so they can reach the opposite side of the limb. This stroke is repeated over the entire area, moving up a little way each time a stroke or movement is completed.

It is necessary to move slowly and rhythmically with each wringing stroke so that the toxins are not trapped in the muscles.To ensure that the friction is not uncomfortable, be sure to use enough massage oil.
Never use wringing over joints and never use it on children, the elderly of very thin people as this can be damaging to the delicate muscle fiber.

How To Do The Wringing Massage Technique

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1) Grasp the muscle at the shoulder between your cupped hands. Slide one hand away from you, squeezing firmly and slide the other hand towards you in the same manner.


2) Your hand should pass each other and reach the opposite side of the arm.


3) Move down the length of the muscle using this wringing motion.


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