Thera Cane Massager: Top 5 Best TheraCane Massagers For Muscle Pain

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Before we take a peek at the best Theracane massagers, we should first explain what one is and what it does.

How Does This Hand Held Massager For Back Pain Work?

These handy tools are often referred to as a back cane and this nickname comes from the shape they come in. The simplest way to describe a Thera Cane Massager is by saying it is a stick shaped somewhat like a cane with extensions (handles) and strategically placed knobs. The knobs are used to assist with a self massage and can be manipulated into position at acupressure trigger points and locations of pain or muscle soreness. Essentially the back cane allows you to work out various types of soreness in hard to reach places on your own.

There Are Different Styles And Sizes For You To Choose From…

Theracanes are extremely effective hand held massagers for back pain in relieving muscular tension, stiffness, tenderness and soreness when used properly. There are different sizes and styles available on the market designed to provide you with the benefit of a massage without the need for a professional massage therapist. These cane massagers are also an affordable alternative to using a therapist.

1). The Best TheraCane Massagers by Thera Cane

Thera Cane Massager
Thera Cane Massager
Underarm Massage with a Thera Cane Massager

This is the best Thera Cane massager which allows you to apply pressure to sore muscles with emphasis on those hard to reach areas. This particular style has two strategically placed handles for applying maximum pressure.

Breakdown Muscle Pain And Restore Muscle Function…

What if you could ease away your aches and pains without the expense of hiring a professional masseuse? The simple design of the TheraCane self-massager makes it easy to reach and apply pain relieving deep compression. Because the cane is 24 inches long, compression can be delivered directly to hard, knotted trigger points anywhere they occur. You can effectively break up tension even in the hardest-to-reach muscle areas.

Boost Oxygen Supplies To Muscle Fibers For Healing…

The TheraCane self massager stick works by applying pressure to the muscles, which in turn encourages and helps maximize the flow of oxygenated blood. This firm or gentle pressure under your control aids in restoring muscle function by breaking up adhesions in muscle fibers. The painful muscle area is stimulated to work more efficiently.

Treat Your Discomfort Anytime Anywhere…. 24/7 If Need be…

It’s the perfect tonic for a recurring injury, a long day on the job, or an active afternoon in the garden. The Thera Cane, which comes in hunter green, measures 24 by 15 by 1 inches (W x H x D), weighs 2 pounds, and carries a lifetime warranty. and a total of 6 treatment balls or knobs.

Measuring 24-inches long by 15-inches high and just 1-inch deep with 6 treatment balls or knobs, this Thera Cane Massager could be the best thing waiting for you at home after a hard day on the job….

Benefits Of The Green Theracane Self Massage Stick:

  • Reach right around to those hard to get to places
  • 6 Treatment balls work at relieving fibrous knots, stimulating blood supply & delivering an acupressure massage
  • Well designed long reach and easy to use with 2 handles
  • Great for a variety of uses on the whole body
  • Affordable and good value

Online reviews of this product list cons as:

  • Too flexible to use properly
  • No instruction manual/booklet
  • Does not allow for enough pressure to be applied to ease some tension


how to use a theracane


2). Theracane – 4 Pack – Trigger Point Self Massage Tool

Theracane - 4 Pack - Trigger Point Self Massage Tool

What would make this popular cane-shaped self massage tool even better? More of them available in a single package, of course and here is a 4-pack of them. The Thera Cane self massager has six treatment balls or knobs located on the stick that has two projections on it allowing you to easily manipulate it and work out those hard to reach knots. Each of the Thera Cane massagers measures 24-inches long, 15-inches high and 1-inch deep. There’s also a 14-page user manual included for each unit.

Where Do You Carry Tension In Your Body? Let The Theracane Massage Tension Away…

If you sit at a desk working on a computer for most of the day, you may find you carry a great deal of tension in your upper back, shoulders and neck. As you know, these are areas which are hard to reach for self-massage purposes.

What the Theracane therapeutic self massager does is to more easily apply the right amount of needed pressure to relieve the tightness and tension whenever you wish to. By buying the 4-pack, you can keep one at home, one at work, in the car and one for  presents.

They are a great relaxer at the end of the day before going to bed so you’re relaxed and more able to fall asleep easily. Waking up stiff in the mornings from sleeping at an odd angle? Use your Theracane to work out those knots!

Benefits of This Therapeutic Self Massager:

  • 96% of customer reviews gave this 4.8 stars and above on Amazon
  • Unique design provides access to any location in need of treatment
  • Effective in relieving various forms of back pain
  • Well made
  • Handy enough to use anywhere
  • Knobs hit pressure points with ease

Online reviews of this product list cons as:

  • Only comes in a four pack
  • Hard to understand how it works for some customers


how to use a cane with back pain


3). Thera Cane Massager: Blue

Neck Massage With Thera Cane Massager Blue
Thera Cane Massager Blue

The cane-shaped, trigger point massage tool gets a makeover with this release. It’s the same Thera Cane massager you are familiar with as above, featuring 6 treatment balls or knobs with two projections that allow for manipulating it to reach any spot on your back or neck that needs massage.

There are 2 main differences here: this one comes in blue and its considerably more rigid than the original green model.  It measures 24-inches wide, 15-inches high and 1-inch deep.

Benefits of Trigger Point Massage Tools:

  • Great trigger point releaser
  • Easy to use
  • Effective in treating back issues
  • Affordable

Online reviews of this product list cons as:

  •  Blue color has some customers thinking it could be a fake or knock off
  • Some customers have difficulty using this massage tool


best handheld self massage stick


4). Thera Cane MAX: Trigger Point Massager

best trigger point massager

If you wanted to improve on the best trigger point massager, what would you do? Well, the manufacturer of the Thera Cane MAX: Trigger Point Massager took a long, hard serious look at what could possibly make this well designed product even better. They chose to release a version that breaks down into two separate pieces.

Use Deep Pressure And Compression To Rejuvenate Your Body…

Using the Thera Cane MAX,  you can apply deep pressure and compression to sore muscles on your own. The unique design has been created to deliver superior leverage, making it easy for anyone to use. As you know, trips to the massage therapist cost a lot of money over time…. By using the Thera Cane MAX in conjunction with therapist visits, you can be proactive in helping yourself feel better in rejuvenating your body. You might even wonder how you ever got along without it….

Are There Instructions On How To Use This Heavy Duty Handheld Massager?

A fully illustrated and easy to follow owner’s manual shows you how to use this heavy duty hand held massager most effectively. An interactive DVD shows you where to use it on any part of your body for results. It’ll take you 20 minutes to work out the best way to use it on your body.

What Is The Link Ball?

There is a new feature called The Link Ball, which connects the top half with the bottom half and gives you even more pressure options.

What Are The Dimensions?

The Thera Cane Max is waterproof, pretty much unbreakable and weighs only 1 pound. Another bonus, it’s made in the USA. Measuring the standard 24-inches long, 15-inches high and 1-inch deep when assembled, this two-piece size breaks down to 8-inches long 15-inches high and 1-inch deep. This model also comes with an interactive DVD.

It’s the same product with six treatment balls or knobs that can be used on virtually any spot that has muscle soreness. The main difference is that it can now travel anywhere in a smaller size as you can break it down into 2 pieces….

Benefits Of The Best Trigger Point Massager:

  •  Works well for deep tissue massage
  • Two piece construction makes it portable
  • Sturdy and includes instruction DVD
  • Affordable
  • Works on hard to reach locations

Online reviews of this product list cons as:

  •   Two piece construct may affect overall lifespan of the massager
  • Too flexible for some customers


best handheld self massage stick


5). TheraCane Wizmo Is A Hand Held Muscle Roller

hand held roller ball massager

There’s not much that hasn’t already been said about this popular  self massaging tool. However this is a completely different design which is purely for use on the small muscle groups. The simple, yet interesting design of the TheraCane Wizmo Massager features two projections that can be used to help massage and to relieve pressure or work out a knot anywhere on your back or neck.

How Does The  Theracane Wizmo Work?

To use, all you need to do is using your preferred pressure, roll the Wizmo back and fowards over the chosen muscle group at a slow, steady rate. As you work over the muscles, be alert for tight and tender areas of the muscle. You’ll most likely find painful areas that you didn’t know even existed!

As you target an area of tenderness, you can strategically direct the rolling massage action on that muscle group.

Wizmo Massager is perfect for those smaller muscle groups such as the neck and jaw muscles, wrist, hands and forearms as well as around forearms and the foot, knee, calf muscles and ankle joints. This hand held muscle roller measures 6 inches in length.

Benefits Of The Wizmo Hand Held Muscle Roller:

  • Designed to be used on small muscle groups
  • Works well along with hot packs and cold packs
  • Can be used along with Thera Cane Point Relief Massager
  • Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in any palm size
  • Guaranteed by manufacturer for 5 years
  • Effective in relieving tension

Online reviews of this product list cons as:

  • No instructions
  • Painful to use for some chronic pain sufferers


hand held massager for back pain


Our Final Thoughts On Finding The Best TheraCane Massagers…

The TheraCane massager is a unique product designed to allow you to give yourself a massager. The curved cane shape allows the product to be positioned in various ways to reach different parts of your body requiring attention. While there are ‘knock offs’ of this popular brand of self-massager, the authentic TheraCane is the best Theracane massager of the bunch. When purchasing a back cane, be sure to verify that it is in fact one of the original Thera Cane massagers as the product name is stamped into the flexible stick.

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