Best Massage Chair By BestMassage Ticks All Boxes

The Premium Best Massage Chair Is Portable and Easy to Store

There are many benefits to buying a massage chair, they offer you portability, can be setup in seconds and are lightweight. If you’re searching for the best massage chair to give massages in your studio or at a client’s home, we can confidently recommend this massage chair from Best massage, the Premium Best Massage 4″ Portable Massage Chair. Read on to learn more about this adjustable massage chair.

Features To Look For In The Premium Best Massage Chair…

The 4-inch Premium BestMassage portable massage chair is available in 2 colors and measures just 48 inches high when it is fully-setup. The entire unit measures:

  • 29 inches long
  • 48 inches high
  • 18 inches wide

This sturdy chair can hold up to 700 pounds of static weight and 300 pounds of working weight.

The sturdiness of this chair might surprise you. With multiple positions that you can adjust it to, this is the best massage chair to accommodate individuals with a variety of disabilities or physical issues,  such as pulled muscles.

The easy adjustment of the seat, head rest and arm or hand rests ensures that you’ll be able to keep your clients comfortable.

After your client leaves, you’ll have little to no trouble when you begin folding up this portable massage chair, whether you’re folding it up for storage, or to transport it to a new location. This massage chair is simple to assemble and fits easily in the back of a vehicle for transport. A free carry case is included when you buy the Premium Bestmassage Chair which makes storage and transportation even easier.

The free carry case will protect the soft PU, premium leather surface, which is environmentally friendly and skin friendly for clients who settle into the chair for a massage. The PU leather upholstery is designed to be durable and very easy to keep hygienically clean after a customer has been in the chair for an extended period of time. There are 2colors to choose from, black, blue.

Benefits of Using The Best Massage Chair:

  • 75% of 365 plus Amazon customers left 4.1 star and above reviews
  • Available in 2 colors, Black, Blue
  • 2″ thick, high-density, small-cell foam offers a comfortable massage experience
  • Environmentally and skin friendly PU leather covering is oil and waterproof for client comfort.
  • Fully adjustable armrest, chest rest, and headrest comfortably accommodate most clients up to 300 lbs
  • Auto-Lock Leg and Frame System. Open and fold your massage table in seconds for quick setup
  • Set up size: 29″ L x 48″ H x 18″ W
  • Free Carry Case
  • Capacity: 700 LB static, 300 LB working weight


The Best Massage Chair Is Lightweight when Shipped, Assembled

 One of the reasons this is the best massage chair out there, is that the Premium BestMassage Portable Massage Chair is light weight. Its shipping weight is just 38 pounds, and if you don’t have someone in the chair for a massage, it’s lightweight enough to pick up and move it to a new location in your home without folding the chair up and putting it into the included carrying case.

When you’re ready to store the chair, you can fold it up, put it in the carrying case and store it inside the hallway closet. That way you can grab it and go when clients call. You can throw the carry case over your shoulder and quickly and easily stow it in the back of your car without straining your back or shoulders.

Our Final Thoughts On Buying The Best Massage Chair

You won’t be out of breath when you move this lightweight chair. Why go out and spend hundreds of dollars for a massage chair, when the Premium BestMassage portable massage chair is so simple to put together, fold up and store?

Why look elsewhere when you’ll get a free carry case with this purchase? You’ll be able to save more money and  put that extra cash into other supplies, like a set of quality massage sheets. At a fraction of some prices, this is the best massage chair as an affordable option for individuals who are just starting out in their professional massage career.


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