Tapotement Stroke In Massage

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Tapotement Massage Technique,  Tapotement Massage Definition
Tapotement Massage Definition

Tapotement Is A Stimulating Massage Stroke

Tapotement is a stimulating stroke and can be used when giving a stimulating and refreshing massage.

It is not part of a relaxing massage sequence. It is a useful stroke know and practice when the person being massage may need to be stimulated rather than relaxed.

The tapotement technique is used to improve the supply of blood to the area being worked on and can be used before certain types of exercise, for example where explosive power is needed.

The first method of tapotement and the least vigorous, is to gently and rapidly patter the fingers onto the body like falling rain drops, alternating fingers individually as if they are drumming on a table. In traditional massage there are other strokes that fall into the category of tapotement such as cupping, whether hands are partially closed like a cup and then gently slapped onto the client’s body.

Tapotement and cupping strokes stimulate the soft tissue areas.The speed and percussion of these vigorous movements encourage the flow of blood to the skin and stimulate nerve endings, as such they are not generally included in a relaxing massage.

 How To Do Tapotement Stroke in Massage

Tapotement Massage Technique1) With your finger slightly spread apart, rest your fingertips against the skin. Lift your wrists and move your hands up and down, drumming fingers quite firmly against the skin, in a similar movement to one you might make in a straight line across the keyboard.

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