Stationary Massage Tables: Sedona By EarthLite is Top Of The Range

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If you are looking for the best stationary massage table – EarthLite is the Worlds #1 Name Brand in massage products and accessories today. If you’ve ever gotten a massage on one of their stationary massage tables, you’ll know why.

Environmentally Sustainable Materials Used

Earthlite products are made from top of the line quality materials with a careful eye to construction that you can’t find anywhere else. They have a long history, having been in business since 1987. EarthLite use only environmentally sustainable and renewable materials for their tables from Canadian Hard Maple and Baltic Birch Plywood sourced from farmed plantations. The glues are all environmentally friendly, as are the lacquers, all of which cut down on off gassing.

Sedona Design The Best Stationary Massage Tables

Take Sedona Stationary Massage Tables, for instance. Sedona have handcrafted these robust stationary tables from beautifully grained, Canadian Hard Maplewood and are so solidly constructed they will never wobble, even when the heaviest client climbs on the table with a maximum working weight of 1000 lbs.

This is a very important aspect when buying the best heavy duty massage table. When your client gets on that table, they put their trust in you. You want to make sure you have a table that is durable and well-crafted with your client’s safety in mind.

3″ Luxurious Padded Comfort

In order to have a successful massage experience, all clients love to feel comfortable, loved and relaxed. Sedona is the best heavy duty massage table to help them feel right at home when they sink into the Pro-Plush™ Deluxe 3” cushioned padding. Only a few seconds, and the massage table might have done most of the work for you. You have a choice of table width options: 28”, 30”, 32” wide…

Soft Buttery Upholstery in 15 Gorgeous Colors….

The soft buttery, PU leather upholstery cover is from Natursoft™ Vinyl in a wide range of colors to suit your decor with over 15 delicious colors to choose from, you will definitely not have a problem finding a suitable color, more a case of which color to choose….

Need To Change The Table Angle? Use PowerAssist™

EarthLite Sedona Stationary massage tables can help you make the necessary adjustments to ensure the safety and pleasure of your client’s visit. Remember, you can always use the PowerAssist™ Tilt and Salon system (not electronic) which can help with tilting the table to client’s personal requirements, it can also help you transform your table into a salon-style system specifically made for other kinds of specialty treatments like facials.

You can also use the One-Touch™ Levers to quickly adjust for leg and back support, and your client doesn’t have to move one bit while you are working out knots, tension and stress.

Benefits of Sedona Heavy Duty Stationary Massage Tables:

  • Available in 15 beautiful colors in buttery soft and eco-friendlyNatursoft™ PU leather upholstery
  • Table width options: 28”, 30”, 32” wide
  • Sturdy, Canadian Maple hardwood construction for exceptional stability and strength
  • Premium Pro-Plush™ Deluxe Cushioning – 3 inch thick triple density system for ultimate comfort
  • Features : Trestle, shelf or cabinet base options offer optimal configuration
  • EarthLite PowerAssist™ tilt and salon top options offer adjustable versatility
  • Salon Option- Non-electric – uses economical pneumatic assisted lifting system
  • One-Touch™ Levers for pneumatic assisted back and leg adjustments while client is on the table
  • Double knobs for added strength
  • Maximum working weight: 1000 lbs
  • Length: 73”
  • Standard adjustable height range: 24.5” to 33.25”


best stationary massage table


EarthLite Stationary Massage Tables= Top Massage Tables

the best massage table

What else do you need in your top massage tables aside from the nice curves of the top and sides, the beautifully grained Maple Wood frame, and accommodating weights up to1000 pounds….

The Best Stationary Massage Table Options

EarthLite give you options to choose from, such as either a cabinet or shelf base to store towels, oils or massage hot rocks. There is a face cradle available at an additional cost. You may also like to add a bolster for your clients comfort, or even choose to buy a heated massage table warming pad… You can rest assured knowing that you are providing the right equipment to ensure a wonderful experience for your client. There are many benefits to these tables.


What’s New from EarthLite?

You can also find tons of massage related supplies at the Earthlite website and through everything from instructional-based CDs and DVDs to stools or carrying accessories; even aromatherapy to create that safe haven for your client and you! (There’s also an entire online catalogue to browse while you’re there. Don’t forget to look at everything, because you’ll never know what awesome treasures you may find!)


Stationary Massage Tables: The Right Choice Made Simple

stationary massage tables for a massage business.


However, you will find that whatever you choose from EarthLite, or, whatever you choose to customize your Sedona Stationary Massage Tables with, you will know that you’ve made the right decision once you try out the best stationary massage table.

best stationary massage table for a beauty salon


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