Professional Massage Tables For A Professional Massage

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Give Great Massages with Professional Massage Tables

Whether you are just starting out with massage, or have been at it for years, no doubt you understand the importance of a well made, durable massage table with the necessary accessories included. With this in mind, we would like to talk about two of the most popular professional massage tables, on the market. We will also talk about the reasons why a professional table is so important to your customers’ massage experience, as well as to your overall business.

 Professional Massage Tables Offer Vital Client Comfort

Firstly, to really make your clients’ experience a memorable one where they both: make a booking to return, as well as pass your name onto their friends recommending them to make appointments for massages, you want to start them off in a relaxed, comfortable position. A comfortable table which is wide enough with soft, yet supportive padding on the bed of the table can quickly do that.

If they are relaxed throughout their entire massage, chances are, they will enjoy the experience better, and will, in turn, enjoy their time with you more. Professional massage tables are always the right choice to make when you are setting up, purchasing a new table, or when you are looking for your first portable table. A portable table also gives you the freedom to make your clients feel relaxed anywhere.

3 Points to Look for in Professional Massage Tables

Professional massage tables, unlike professional massage chairs, are meant to allow clients to lie down. Because of this, there are particular things you should look for in a table.

1) This includes thick padding, sturdy construction with the ability to hold heavier weights, ease of use and portability.

2) What kind of materials is your table made of? The materials used in the table construction must be focused on top quality materials in the deck, body and legs. Is it easily adjustable? Is the upholstery comfortable and both water and oil resistant? Is there a cable locking system for extra strength…. these are a few tips to keep in mind when buying professional massage tables…

3) Lastly, what extras are included in these professional massage tables? Do they include free face cradles, bolsters, carry case, sheets, arm rests etc . You always want to always be on the lookout for a professional table at a great price with extras thrown in. Ths is where places such as Amazon often offer some great bargains. We are featuring 2 of them here today.

1) Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Professional Massage Tables

Earthlite Harmony DX Professional Massage Tables Package In Burgundy

The Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Professional Massage Tables Package is created by EarthLite who are proud to call themselves the Worlds #1 Brand in massage. EarthLite Have been in business since 1975, so they know a thing or two about designing top quality massage products.

They strive to make better products at the lowest price possible and many of the products have a lifetime warranty. They truly want you to feel 100% satisfied with their products and they state you may return it for a full refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied which is very reassuring.

95% of buyers left reviews of 4.7 stars plus on Amazon, with many of them raving about the superior quality of the EarthLite DX Table

The Harmony DX package is a full sized table crafted from the highest quality Maple and Birch Wood from managed forests. The legs are made from hard Maple Wood and the deck is made from lightweight aircraft grade Russian Birch Wood.

The foam padding features a multi-density, thick , plush and comfortable 2.5 inch dual layer of CFC free cushioning, guaranteed to keep clients comfortable during their massage. The multi-density padding is covered by Natures Touch soft PU leather upholstery in 4 colours to suit your decor.

This is a wider table at 30 inches wide and 73 inches long make it suitable for larger size clients. It has a heavyweight working load of 600lbs

Benefits Of EarthLite Professional Massage Tables:

  • Available in 4 colors: Black , Agate Blue, Burgundy and Teal
  • EarthLite DX Package includes: Professional Table, Deluxe Adjustable Face Cradle with matching crescent cushion and Single Pocket Carry Case
  • Hard wood Maple legs and braces with lightweight aircraft grade Birch decking
  • Very solid, no wiggling during massages
  • Sets up in just seconds
  • Working weight capacity of 600 lbs
  • Mid-brace Cradle-locking Cabling System with 1,000 lbs. test cables
  • Passes 2400 lb. static load test, 450 lbs




2) Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Professional Massage Tables

Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Professional Massage Tables


The Sierra Comfort Series Portable Professional Massage Tables are created by Sierra who are determined to provide equipment and accessories to support this diverse profession with the most affordable , lightweight and convenient massage products.

The Sierra Professional Table is definitely a professional table and while it is $100 cheaper than the EarthLite mentioned, it actually has a one-stop inclusion bag of goodies!

This is one of the top rated professional massage tables on Amazon with 86% of 420 customers leaving impressive reviews of 4.5 plus stars.

If you are looking to buy a professional massage table with inclusions, you be really pleased with what this package includes. You get an ergonomically designed semicircle bolster, disposable face sheets, an adjustable face cradle, a forward swinging arm shelf and a zippered carry case. Now, if you had to go out and buy all these extras, they would add up to quite a bit of money.

The deck offers a comfortable massage experience with a 2.5 inch thick Luxe, high density, small-cell foam for clients to sink into. There is plenty of cushioning for hips, knees and chests. The superior grade, durable PU leather is both oil resistant and waterproof.

This is a narrower table than the EarthLite, measuring 28 inches wide and 72 inches long.

The frame and deck are constructed from strong and durable Beach and Maple hardwood with a 450lbs working weight capacity. This professional table is height adjustable from 23 inches to 33 inches high.

Benefits Of Sierra Professional Massage Tables

  • Color: Black
  • Includes Semi-circle bolster, carry bag, disposable face sheets,adjustable face cradle and forward swinging arm shelf
  • 2.5 inch Luxe high-density foam for the ultimate massage experience
  • Durable PU leather is waterproof & oil-resistant
  • Constructed from Beech and Maple hardwood
  • Measures 72 by 28 inches (L x W)
  • Height adjustable from 23-32 inches
  • 450 lbs Weight Capacity


Professional Massage Tables Last A Lifetime

Whether you are starting out as a massage therapist, or a professional looking to upgrade the massage equipment, you can’t go past a professional grade massage table. The superior construction guarantees stability, durability and additional strength over the years of use which is what you want. You want to buy professional massage tables which last four years, without needing to be replaced will become wobbly within a year or two of use.this is why we have recommended both the EarthLite and the Sierra professional massage tables for this very reason. Both these tables have a lot of 4.5 star plus reviews on Amazon with a very high approval rating from customers who have used the tables in a variety of circumstances. Having read through all the reviews we feel confident in recommending both tables for you.


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