Pink Massage Table: Create A Calming Oasis For Results

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Pink Massage Table

The Color Pink and a Pink Massage Table Sets The Mood…

What is it about the colour pink…? Is it fluffy, girly, pretty or, perhaps, you are connecting to the divine feminine power, to inner knowing and connecting to your intuition to benefit your clients needs, to beauty, peace, standing in one’s power and inner strength… sorry guys. I am talking to all those wonderful women out there! As I have been asked which is the best pink massage table and I began writing, I became sidetracked and began to ponder the deeper meaning of the colour pink…

So, I’ve set out to bring you the best pink massage table for your massage practice. Interestingly, they are all BestMassage tables, BestMassage have an excellent reputation in designing and creating quality massage products from quality materials at an affordable price point. Each pink massage table is very reasonably priced. They are reviewed in order of popularity.

1). BestMassage Two Fold Pink Portable Massage Table

This pink massage table is the Two Fold Pink Portable Massage Table by Bestmassage. It is currently the most popular pink table on Amazon at the moment through a very good reason. Where else can you get a great looking table which is comfortable, durable and exceptionally well priced?

At the time of writing, there were 994 customer reviews with 4.7 stars out of 5. 95% of people rated this table very highly as value for money

Benefits of the BestMassage Pink Massage Table:

  • 2 Inch thick plush, high density, small cell foam padding for the ultimate in client comfort
  • High quality Birch Hardwood construction for stability and strength
  • Thick, comfortable and soft oil and waterproof PU leather upholstery
  • Removable and adjustable face cradle
  • Free face pillow and hanging arm shelf
  • Free Premium Carry Case
  • Size: 72″ Long (without face cradle) × 27″ Wide
  • Height adjustable: 26″ to 36″, 450lb Capacity



Strength and Durability in this Popular Pink Massage Table

This BestMassage table is a solid and dependable pink massage table which is lightweight and portable. It is particularly good if you are a student starting off on your massage career, for home users, traveling practitioners, or practitioners on a budget as you can rest assured you are getting a premium quality table from a well known and popular company.

Birch hardwood is used in massage tables because of its strength and durability and you most certainly want to invest in a table which ensures professional strength. Especially so if you have clients on the larger and heavier side. This table has a working weight of up to 450 lbs.The leg adjusters give you the freedom to raise and lower the height of the table while keeping the table stable and secure. You can flip the table open and closed in seconds. Many users commented that after hours of use, there were no creaks or cracks audible. The cable securing system keeps the table very sturdy.

Comfortable PU Upholstery and High Density Padding


BestMassage Pink Massage Table


The pink massage table is upholstered in thick PU leather upholstery which is both environmentally and skin friendly, so no chemical nasties to cause an allergic reaction in your client. PU leather is both oil proof and waterproof, seen in worry about water or oil stains affecting the surface of your massage table.

The padding of the bed itself is made of 2 inch thick, high density, small cell foam for client comfort. They will be Pink massage Table undertable storageable to lie comfortably on the bed for the massage session. You can always add a massage table pad such as the best selling Therapists Choice Massage Table Warming Pad or a sheepskin pad.

There are included side arm rests to slot into the side of the table for extra width, about 9 inches. The removable headrest adds between 8 and 12 inches to the length of the table which is itself 72 inches long.

The hanging arm shelf offers clients placed comfortably rest their arms beneath the table. You can store all the accessories underneath the table where they are secured by elastic straps.


2). BestMassage Pink Reiki Portable Massage Table U9

If you’re looking for a top-quality portable massage table for your Reiki practice, or simply for massage purposes, then this pink massage tableby BestMassage will definitely fit your needs. Their reputation for making high-quality budget friendly tables is outstanding.

There are a considerable amount of user reviews with the majority giving this pink massage table 4.6 stars out of 5, with a whopping 91% of people giving the table the thumbs up

With an eye to the careful attention to detail, all the way from the construction of the legs, to the quality of materials used and the level of comfort offered with the padding of the bed, makes this another quality product from BestMassage.

Benefits of the Pink Reiki Portable Massage Table U9:

  • 2″ high density, small-cell, thick plush padding
  • Super durable, non-creak Birch Hardwood Construction
  • Free Premium Carry Case, side arm rests and forward arm shelf
  • Removable and Adjustable Face Cradle
  • Table Dimensions: 72″ Long (without face cradle) × 27″ Wide
  • Adjustable Height: 26″ to 36″
  • Weight capacity 550lb



This Pink Massage Table Is Strong And Sturdy

Every 5 star review from buyers all agreed that this pink massage table by BestMassage is a sturdy, easy to use and well made table which is reassuring to know. When you’re transporting your table, or using as a regular basis for clients, either for Reiki or massage sessions, you want to know that your table will not creak or crack as time goes by.

This BestMassage table is designed and constructed from Birch Hardwood along with the wire cabling system which keeps the table steady and secure. If you have heavier weight clients, this is the table you want as it has a working weight up to 550lbs.

The main feature of this portable Reiki table is theextender at the bottom that raises up. This perfect for people who can’t lie down, for reflexology sessions and for older people who don’t feel comfortable lying down. Many tattoo artists use these tables for the clients.

Plush Thick Padding On The Bed

The bed is extremely comfortable with its thick plush, 2 inch thick, high density, small-cell foam padding for the ultimate in quiet comfort. The upholstery is a top-quality PU leather which is oil proof and waterproof. You can wipe your pink massage table down with a damp cloth to remove any oil residue, knowing the PU leather will clean up perfectly.

There are side armrests for client comfort as well as a forward arm shelf, plus a removable and adjustable face cradle. You also get a free Carry Case to protect your pink massage table.

To give your clients the ultimate comfort during their massage, we can recommend using a soft fleecy massage table warming pad along with a set of soft and cosy premium flannel massage sheets in beautiful soft pastel colours to match your decor.


3). Portable  Pink Massage Table – 77″ Long, 30″ Wide, 4″ Pad

Last but not least, is the extra long and extra wide, portable, pink massage table by BestMassage. Measuring 30 inches wide, this is a table which we think provides the most comfort and the provided accessories make the package complete.

At the time of writing, there are 371 customer reviews giving this pink massage table 4.7 plus stars out of 5, with 92 percent of purchasers loving the benefits of the table

Benefits of the 30″ Wide Pink Massage Table:

  • Free fully adjustable head rest, half bolster, two side arm rests, hanging armrest, and an adjustable backrest
  • 4″ Small cell, high density foam padding
  • 77″ Long without head rest and 30″ wide
  • Weight limit of 600LB
  • Adjustable Height: 26″ to 36″
  • Free Deluxe Carry Case



Extra Width Is Important In A Massage Table

This pink massage table is wider than the previous two massage tables we have reviewed. A wider table gives your client that extra space and room to move, and they feel more comfortable knowing that the bed isn’t narrow. We have all had massages on narrow massage tables and it’s not a pleasant experience try to keep your arms by your sides on the table….

The frame is constructed from Beech Hardwood which ensures the professional strength you need in a massage table in your business. This is the perfect table for those heavy weight clients. It has a working weight of up to 600lbs which is fantastic. Now, if you do have very heavy clients, it would be a good idea to get a deluxe fleece pad set to keep them comfortable. A fleece pad has a 1 inch thick fleece along with elastic to keep it snugly fitted all the way around your massage table. Not sure how to set up your pink massage table? Click here.

Again, this table features 2 inch thick, high density, small-cell foam padding in the bed and the upholstery is soft durable PU leather which is both oil and waterproof. When you buy a massage table, make sure that the upholstery is never PVC. PVC is not as durable as PU leather and deteriorates quite quickly. many customers again commented on how extremely sturdy the table is. Many people had used it for three or four years and it has stood the test of time.

This pink massage table also features the accessories such as the detachable face cradle, side arm rests, hanging armrest, an adjustable backrest and one, half bolster. These are all excellent inclusions for the very affordable price of this quality table. If you had to go out and buy all these extra accessories, you would be quite a few dollars.



Our Final Thoughts On Buying A Pink Massage Table

Before you buy any table, whether it is a pink massage table, a black massage table, whatever colour you choose, make sure you read all the reviews people have shared about their massage table and how it has performed for them. We feel highly confident in recommending BestMassage massage tables as this is a company which has been industry for a long time and are committed to designing and manufacturing quality tables at an affordable price point. It’s always best to go for more expensive table if you can afford to, especially if you are going to be using it for many years. A few massage sessions won’t take long to pay it off along with your customers word-of-mouth about how wonderful their massage session with you was.

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