PurePulse Electronic masager with 6 auto modes with fully adjustable speed and intensity delivering high-frequency stimulation to relieve pain

5 Powerful TENS Units Offer You Wonderful Pain Relief

What Is A TENS Unit – What Can They Do… Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is delivered by TENS units. They do it simply by sending a light electrical current from a device to your body. The , often portable in size, provides different kinds of electrical stimulation through wires connected between it and electrode pads that […]

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Body Linen 3 Piece Flannel Massage Sheet Set, Light Blue

Best Flannel Massage Table Sheet Sets

Massage Table Sheet Sets Create The Mood… As I have already mentioned, every massage therapist knows that to give the most luxurious and enjoyable treatment, you need to have the best available equipment. This of course includes  great massage tables covered with the perfect fitted massage table sheet sets. Wherever your practice may be a […]

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Earthlite Ellora Electric Lift Massage Table Amethyst

Quick! Do You Know Which Is The Best Hydraulic Massage Table?

Getting a massage is all about feeling comfortable and relaxed, and if you’re a massage therapist, the type of table you use will make all the difference in your client’s experience. A  is the perfect accompaniment to any massage room because of it’s ease of use. You can adjust the height in seconds with the […]

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massage tables for sale

The Best Massage Tables For Sale Boost Your Business

Looking For Permanent, Full-Size, Or Portable Best Massage Tables For Sale? While you’ll want to rely on your training and education as a licensed masseuse to deliver the very best possible massages you can, you’re also going to want to make sure that you are always tapping into the very best equipment such as the […]

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portable massage chairs

Portable Massage Chairs For The Best Price

Take Your Massage Practice Wherever You Go With A Portable Massage Chair What’s better than having a successful massage practice? Have a successful practice that you take with you wherever you go. Having the ability to make your business travel with you is a great way to expand your client base and increase profits. One […]

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Tapotement Massage Technique

Tapotement Stroke In Massage

Tapotement Is A Stimulating Massage Stroke Tapotement is a stimulating stroke and can be used when giving a stimulating and refreshing massage. It is not part of a relaxing massage sequence. It is a useful stroke know and practice when the person being massage may need to be stimulated rather than relaxed. The tapotement technique […]

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break down tight muscles with the kneading massage technique

Kneading Massage Technique

What Is Kneading In Massage? An effective movement used over large areas of muscles such as the thighs and buttocks and involves the use of your fists and fingers. Fist kneading is quite a firm stroke so be sure that the recipient is comfortable and does not suffer discomfort or pain while it is being […]

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