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The mobile massage business mobile massage business is a niche industry which attracts a diverse clientele and this is an increasing trend which is growing in popularity.

It’s hardly surprising really. After all, the benefits of having a professional massage therapist paying you a visit in the comfort and privacy of your home instead of having to travel and visit a massage establishment yourself has its own conveniences.

So, if you are thinking, or planning on starting your own mobile massage business, there is no better time than right now. By taking the time to set up and follow a well thought out business plan which looks at every available avenue, a work for yourself, mobile massage business can be an extremely lucrative endeavor.

One of the biggest benefits in comparison to a stationary massage business, is that you don’t need to pay rent with a mobile massage practice. Unless, you are combining your mobile business with a physical location…

These days, the art of offering mobile massages in home is considerably easier with state-of-the-art mobile massage equipment and supplies on offer. You have so many choices of top quality materials to make your life easier in every way, which makes the prospect of starting mobile massages very attractive.

Do Your Mobile Massage Business Market Research…

mobile masage therapy businessBefore setting up your own mobile practice, it is essential you do your own thorough market research first. After all, there is no point in setting up a mobile business in your area if there are already existing businesses.

This is where the ” at your fingertips” benefits of the Internet are handy. You can Google the clubs in your area, such as sports clubs, local gyms, basketball clubs, football clubs and soccer clubs to see if they might like to use your services.

They are also excellent places to leave business cards and flyers for people to pick up and keep in mind later on.

Another idea is to ask friends who are in business if you might offer free 10 or 15 minute chair massage samples. Local fairs and farmers markets are the perfect opportunity to set up an attractive booth where you can both sell massage products, as well as let people know what massage options you can offer them. This is a great way to directly exposed your business and to find future clients.

Not only that, by speaking to people you can get an idea of what they may be looking for if they are thinking about having an in-home massage. This way you can tailor the packages that you offer, and you may even get some great ideas that you had not even thought of!

Getting The Word Out : Setting Up A Website / Social Media

We have reached a point in time when setting up a business relies not only on a physical presence, physical social media for setting up mobile massage businessadvertising and word-of-mouth. The Internet is an integral part of helping a mobile massage business thrive. By increasing online awareness of your mobile massage, you do need to promote your business online.

This is easy to do. You can build your own website, or have it professionally done and by creating those all important social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest etc.

Setting up social media doesn’t take very long and is easy to do. And, if you decide that you would like to build your own website, you can create a website for very little or no cost with WordPress, which is a user-friendly, free website platform.

Another way to get great exposure and find new clients is to offer your services on Amazon local. This is something I am seeing more and more massage therapists doing. It’s a smart way to self advertise your mobile massage business.

By gaining leverage and integrating these relatively cheap online tools you can drive your marketing efforts much more easily. Remember to choose a catchy business name people will remember. This gives you an advantage from a business and marketing viewpoint as they will remember your business name in the days ahead. John Smith’s Mobile Massage just doesn’t quite cut it…

Using Quality Massage Equipment And Supplies

mobile massage business practise

You may give the best mobile massage in the world and have impressive testimonials to impress any possible client. BUT, if your massage equipment and suppliers are not top notch-quality, don’t be surprised if you don’t get return clients.

By ensuring the well-being and safety of your clients, make sure you choose massage tables and massage chairs which are high load bearing. This is an important point these days as people are heavier. Make sure they are of sturdy construction as well as being lightweight and portable for ease of maneuvering in and out of cars. After all, you are running a mobile massage business practice.

Massage tables with cushioning made from high density memory foam the superior comfort are highly recommended. A functional design that includes removable headrest’s, arm shelf’s and side cushions, bolsters etc all work towards making sure your client’s personal needs are met.

These are some of the essential massage equipment and supplies you will need for your mobile massage business:

Clever Advertising For Success

The lifeblood of any business is smart and catchy advertising. And it’s no different when you are running a mobile advertising massages at marketsmassage business.

Your advertising must be clear and concise. Remember to focus on the important details as people have short attention spans and you want to catch their attention in two or three seconds to begin with .

Often people skim through ads, so every detail counts . Short, sweet and to the point works extremely well. You may need to write a few ads and get your friends to read over them and listen to their suggestions without any emotional involvement 🙂 You’ll be surprised at what great suggestions they may have to offer .

Most importantly, clearly state what you can offer your clients. Make sure you have your massage license, credentials and awards on display. People like to see how experienced you are and this goes a long way in helping them choose your mobile massage business over anyone else’s.

List the types of massages on offer, your hours of availability, the cost per hour and which areas you are available to travel to. It is also a good idea to state that you are prepared to travel further at a small extra charge. You’ll be surprised how often people happily pay the extra travel fee.

As you are just starting out, and your main intent is to establish a loyal customer base, this is a good time to offer your prospective clients first time massage discounts. After all, who doesn’t love a discount? We all do!

Make sure your ads look consistent in layout, text and coloring. If you make changes in the future, make sure those changes follow on throughout all your advertising materials to keep you presenting as an up-to-date and professional massage therapist.

A Few Final Thoughts On Setting Up Your Mobile Massage Business

To successfully run a mobile massage practice to make a good living for you and/or your family, you must have all bases covered to cover all possible contingencies. You need to plan for everything. This is where it’s a good idea to get your notepad and pen and brain storm, jot down everything you can think of and use all the physical and financial resources available to you.

massage presentationMake sure you choose hire a quality massage equipment and supplies. In the long run, you will be thankful you paid extra for the quality materials as they will last you for years to come and pay themselves off very quickly.

If you are serious about pampering loyal customers and having them return again and again, as well is spreading the word, top-quality portable massage tables and chairs, and massage accessories such as thick fluffy towels, massage table warming pads, beautifully scented massage oils and towel warmers go a long way for client retention.

Although we have covered a lot of the physical side of points to take into account when setting up your mobile massage business, there is one aspect we have yet to mention.



mobile massage business therapy

For every client you encounter, you need to provide exceptional customer service. Being friendly welcoming and outgoing as well as professionally courteous when dealing with your customers, you will be guaranteed of forming long-lasting professional relationships that will help your practice thrive in the years to come.

Be completely present with each client and make them feel center of the universe by serving their needs. Focus on giving them your best massage, leading them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and your mobile massage business will grow.

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