Best Flannel Massage Table Sheet Sets

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Massage Table Sheet Sets Create The Mood…

As I have already mentioned, every massage therapist knows that to give the most luxurious and enjoyable treatment, you need to have the best available equipment. This of course includes  great massage tables covered with the perfect fitted massage table sheet sets.

Wherever your practice may be a professional presentation is vital to giving a great first impression that you really know what you are doing is a massage professional. There are some great choices on Amazon from massage sheets for your massage table and we have reviewed a few massage table sheet sets for you in regards to colour, comfort, fit and how other customers reviewed them.

Material And Fit In Massage Table Sheet Sets

When finding the best set of massage table sheet sets to fit your table there are two things that you need to look at. The material the massage sheet set is made from, whether it be cotton, poly cotton or flannel and the colour.

It is important to provide a welcoming and comforting experience and this can often be missing from a massage experience. As we are tactile beings, the cool, smooth feel of a high thread count poly cotton sheet set or the soft comforting fuzziness of flannel massage table sheet sets can be very important. A soft, comforting covering will make your clients feel relaxed as you massage them.

Another point to think about is the area where you are massaging. Do you live in a cool weather or warm weather area and is your room adequately heated? You may like to take these points into account when choosing the best massage table sheet sets for your needs.We have reviewed the pros and cons of each of the best massage sheet sets below the featured table based on customer feedback and Amazon star rating.

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For Pro Premium Flannel Massage Table Sheet Sets, 3 Piece Set In Sage

For Pro Premium Flannel Sheet 3 Piece Set, Sage, Massage Table Sheet Sets

For Pro Premium Flannel Sheet massage table sheet sets are amongst the bestselling massage table sheet sets on Amazon and for a good reason. You not only get bang for your buck but you get a great quality set of massage sheets at an affordable price.

These flannel massage table sheet sets have been designed for the discerning massage therapist who who values quality massage table linens. These linens are of premium quality, soft, brushed on both sides flannel sheets which are durable and designed for lasting, wash after wash.

These massage sheet sets are generously sized to fit all portable massage tables as they are fitted massage sheets. The finish is of high quality with a higher thread count then many massage sheet sets on the market and another feature which we really like is, they do not pill, many customer reviews have pointed this out.

Double stitching everywhere means additional strength and durability if you are washing your sheets very regularly. Many customers commented on how the colour stayed strong after many washes

The sizing is sufficiently generous to allow you to add a bolster, additional padding or a massage table heating pad underneath the fitted massage sheet .


  • Thick flannel cotton brushed on both sides with high thread count
  • Top sheet and fitted sheet to stop sheet slippage
  • Fitted face cradle
  • No pilling or shrinkage after washing and no colour loss after washing
  • Generous sizing to fit all portable massage tables with double stitching on all seams
  • Value for money for durability
  • Flat sheet dimensions are 96″ x 63″
  • Fitted sheet fits all massage tables up to 33″ width


  • Some customers were not happy with the color
  • Some reviews said the bottom sheet was too large


Body Linen 3 Piece Flannel Massage Table Sheet Sets

Body Linen massage table sheet sets are another bestseller on Amazon, providing great value for money and quality and durability in flannel sheets which is what every discerning professional masseur wants.

These fitted massage sheets are made from medium heavyweight 4.5 oz 100% cotton, double brushed extra soft flannel which your clients will love as they receive a luxurious massage. Comfort is paramount and Body Linen definitely offers this in their flannel massage sheet sets.

What we really liked about these fitted massage table sheet sets is the elastic! There is nothing worse than elastic which goes limp and breaks after a few washes. This elastic is extra firm and non-latex which provides a nice fit for all standard size massage tables and face cradles.

There are 6 colors to choose from, complementing your mood and the decor of your massage room. Choose from lilac, sage, chocolate, natural and white.

In your flannel sheet set that you will receive a flat sheet which is a whole foot wider than others on the market, a fitted sheet and a fitted face cradle cover, designed to fit pretty much every size of face cradle.


  • Double brushed, extra soft flannel massage sheet set
  • Extra wide top sheet, 1 foot wider than usual
  • Fitted face cradle cover will fit any face cradle
  • Extra strong, non-latex elastic for long-lasting durability.
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Roomy enough to add a fitted fleece pad
  • Retain colour after repeated washing and no pilling after washing
  • Super soft against skin
  • Flat Sheet dimensions 96″ x 63″
  • Fitted sheet fits all massage tables up to 33″ width
  • Face cradle cover will fit the majority of face cradles


  • Some customers were not happy with the color
  • Some said there was too much lint when washed



Deluxe Flannel Massage 3 Piece Massage Table Sheet Sets- Natural Color

The Deluxe massage table sheet sets are a 3 piece sheet set in natural, is a bestseller on Amazon and with tons of reviews from satisfied customers plus an affordable price, we can see why

This flannel massage sheet set is a three-piece sheet set, consisting of a flat sheet which is extra wide, a fitted bottom sheet and a fitted cradle.

The thick softly luxurious extra soft flannel has been double brushed to give a superior finish and is medium to heavy weight 4.5 ounce cotton

The Deluxe flannel massage sheet set is also available in the following colors, sage, pastel blue and lilac.

The flat sheet is over sized and guaranteed to comfortably cover even your largest clients, the flat sheet measures in at 61″ x 100″. The fitted bottom sheet measures 36″ x 78″+ 7.5″


  • Extra soft double brushed flannel
  • 4.5oz extra durable 100% cotton flannel
  • Roomy enough to add a bolster or warming pad
  • Will fit all size massage tables
  • No pilling and washs well
  • Extra large flat sheet measures in at 61″ x 100″
  • Fitted bottom sheet measures 36″ x 78″+ 7.5″


  • Some customers felt the sheets pilled too much on washing
  • Some people said they didn’t wash up well and too fuzzy


Which Is The Best Flannel Massage Table Sheet Set For You?

Finding the best massage sheets is important and while we have reviewed the current most popular flannel fitted massage sheet sets on Amazon, we encourage you to do your own research and read feedback left by other customers and make your own decision. A good quality set of fitted massage sheets should be an important massage room accessory which will be durable and last through many washes as well as complementing your massage room decor.

Of course, in most products there are flaws and a good description will include them. These flannel fitted massage sheets are an inexpensive solution and a great choice when you want flannel sheets for your massage table. With flannel, there will always be wear and tear, lint will always appear when flannel sheets are washed and some will pill, this is normal. As long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing, these massage sheets will be quite durable. As for the question of are these sheets for you? We feel that if you are looking for a great product at a low price with a choice of colors then yes, these flannel massage sheet sets will fit the bill.



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