Providing A Holistic Healing Aromatherapy Massage

There is a close relationship between Swedish body massage and aromatherapy massage. All aromatherapists will incorporate some Swedish massage strokes during their massage routines, especially effleurage and some palmar kneading. Aromatherapy is a holistic massage, working mainly on the nervous system as a whole and including, as part of the Read More »

Mobile Massage Business: How To Get Started…

The mobile massage business is a niche industry which attracts a diverse clientele and this is an increasing trend which is growing in popularity. It’s hardly surprising really. After all, the benefits of having a professional massage therapist paying you a visit in the comfort and privacy of your home Read More »

Tapotement Stroke In Massage

Tapotement Is A Stimulating Massage Stroke Tapotement is a stimulating stroke and can be used when giving a stimulating and refreshing massage. It is not part of a relaxing massage sequence. It is a useful stroke know and practice when the person being massage may need to be stimulated rather Read More »

Kneading Massage Technique

What Is Kneading In Massage? An effective movement used over large areas of muscles such as the thighs and buttocks and involves the use of your fists and fingers. Fist kneading is quite a firm stroke so be sure that the recipient is comfortable and does not suffer discomfort or Read More »

Petrissage Massage Stroke

Petrissage Definition Petrissage is a gentle pinching movement that increases circulation and brings the blood towards the small capillaries in the skin. It is done with alternate hands working in sequence, one after the other, on the more fleshy areas of the body such as the thighs and buttocks. This Read More »

Effleurage Massage Stroke

Effleurage is the means by which you apply oil to the body. This stroke is the perfect method to begin a massage as it allows the other person to become familiar with your hands. It can also be used as a long stroke on the legs and as a circular Read More »

The Wringing Massage Technique

What Is Wringing In Massage? The wringing massage technique is a helpful technique which helps to move toxins out of the muscles and into the bloodstream which in turn takes toxins out through the organs of elimination, including the skin, lungs, kidneys, bladder and bowels. Wringing is used mainly on Read More »

Thumb Circling And Stroking Massage Techniques

Thumb Circling This stroke consists of using both thumbs and rotating them over muscles to relieve tension. Try the following experiment, put one thumb on top of the middle of your thigh, at the midpoint between your knee and groin. Using small circular motions, rotate your thumb.The fingers of your Read More »

Feathering Massage Technique

What Is The Feathering Massage Technique? The feathering massage technique is when you allow your fingers to lightly brush over the skin using alternate hands, keeping them relaxed so that a similar energy can be transmitted from you to the recipient without too much effort. Care should be taken the Read More »

Penetrex Cream For Muscular Pain Relief

Pain Relief In A Jar, Penetrex Cream features stellar reviews with 81% of customers finding discomfort relief in this product. Penetrex Cream is quite simply pain relief in a jar that works. Manufactured in the United States and distributed by Biomax Health Products in Del Mar, California, this product is Read More »

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