Massage Oils

Providing A Holistic Healing Aromatherapy Massage

There is a close relationship between Swedish body massage and aromatherapy massage. All aromatherapists will incorporate some Swedish massage strokes during their massage routines, especially effleurage and some palmar kneading. Aromatherapy is a holistic massage, working mainly on the nervous Read More »

Best Essential Oils And Essential Oils Recipes

Using The Best Essential Oils: 100% Natural Only The amount of the best essential oils added to each 30m1 of carrier oil depends largely on the end result desired. In massage, the main objective is invariably to bring about relaxation. Read More »

Best Carrier And Essential Oils

Which Are The Best Massage Oils? When you give a massage, your hands need to be able to follow the contours of your client and glide over their skin without dragging. There are a large number of massage oils that Read More »

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