An Inexpensive Reiki Massage Table That Is Unsurpassed

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If you are a practitioner of Reiki massage and are in need of an inexpensive Reiki massage table, you don’t want to settle for a flat table when you can get a Reiki massage table at a great price. You may have customers who come to your business for an energy healing session, or, you may offer in home visits which is a much appreciated service  for clients who are older or have lack mobility…

BestMassage are the best known manufactures of massage tables and massage accessories and are committed to designing  high quality tables at a reasonable price, including a Reiki table  which is featured on Amazon.

 Feature Loaded Reiki Massage Table By BestMassage


BestMassage Black Reiki Massage Table  

This BestMassage Reiki massage table has a 2″ padding on a birch wood frame, which has a weight capacity of 450 pounds, so you can offer massages to a wide range of clientèle without being concerned that your table will collapse under the weight of your larger clients.

The table has an adjustable height of 26″ to 36″ inches, so you can set it up so it is more comfortable for you to use or it can be adjusted for other masseuses, if you are using the table in a stationary location like a salon or a spa.

BestMassage have made this table to measure 72″ long without the adjustable face cradle and it is 27″ wide, so your taller clients will be able to lay on the table comfortably while you give them a massage.

Don’t worry about oils or water ruining the surface of your table as the top quality PU leather upholstery is completely oil resistant and waterproof. Many inexpensive tables are made with  cheap, nasty PVC materials that doesn’t breath well or resist stains.

Benefits of This Reiki Massage Table:

  • 6 Gorgeous Colors: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Cream, Pink and Purple
  • 2″ Thick high density, small cell foam padding
  • Quality oil and waterproof PU Leather upholstery
  • Birch Hardwood for professional weight strength
  • Easy to fold up in seconds and includes free premium carry case
  • Removable and Adjustable Face Cradle
  • Table Dimensions: 72″ Long (without face cradle) × 27″ Wide
  • Adjustable Height: 26″ to 36″, 550lb Capacity


best reiki table


 Easy Reiki Massage Table Portability With BestMassage

BestMassage Black Portable Reiki Massage Table

If you must travel to see your clients, this Bestmassage Reiki massage table comes with a deluxe carrying case to protect it and your clothing as you move it from place to place.

It is easy to carry as it weighs less than 40 pounds and there are no special tools required to set-up it up or take it down when you are finished and ready to go to your next client.

Don’t Pay Too Much For Your Reiki Massage Table…

If you are looking for an inexpensive, yet high quality and portable Reiki massage table, then this BestMassage table is just what you need.

It normally retails for quite a high amount, but it is now discounted by over 80%, making this reiki table very affordable for you

Whether you are a student, new massage practitioner or are after a table for home use, this table is well priced if you have a limited budget.  You can afford a beautiful, high quality Reiki massage table for less than some of the cheaply made tables on the market.

Reiki Massage Table Review

If you need a Reiki massage table, don’t settle for a flat massage table when you afford a great quality table like this one from BestMassage.  You might also want to consider it for your salon or spa business in order to expand your massage offerings in the future.  If you have a masseuse that practices Reiki techniques or you plan to learn Reiki massage yourself, purchase this table so you will be prepared to offer this type of massage to your clients.  Expanding your massage options will help your business draw in new customers.


portable reiki massage table

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2 Responses to An Inexpensive Reiki Massage Table That Is Unsurpassed

  1. Juan December 12, 2016 at 5:08 pm #

    As a Reiki practitioner, this is the kind of table I would chose for a replacement of my current one. The features are excellent for Reiki as it allows the client to be propped up during a session.

    • aqua December 13, 2016 at 5:29 am #

      Hi Juan,

      yes, I agree it’s a good table as it allows plenty of room for the Reiki practitioner to get their hands around their client. And some clients prefer to be slightly inclined especially if they have colds or back pain. BestMassage make an excellent quality table which is very comfortable for your clients.
      Thanks for commenting!

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