An Inexpensive Reiki Massage Table That Is Unsurpassed

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whats the most affordable and inexpensive Reiki massage table

If you are a Reiki and massage practitioner looking around for a lightweight inexpensive Reiki massage table, you don’t want to settle for a flat table when you can get a Reiki massage table at a great price. You may have customers who come to your business for an energy healing session, or, you may offer in home visits which is a much appreciated service  for clients who are older or have lack mobility…

BestMassage are the most popular manufacturers of massage tables and massage accessories for bodyworkers. They are committed to sourcing high quality materials and designing  sturdy, quality tables at a reasonable prices, including the best lightweight portable reiki tables you’ll find on Amazon.

 Feature Loaded Portable Reiki Table For Sale By BestMassage

This BestMassage inexpensive Reiki massage table has a 2″ high density foam bed on a birch wood frame. With a weight capacity of 450 pounds, you can offer bodywork to a wide range of clientèle without being concerned your table may collapse under the weight of your larger clients.[/su_note]

Benefits of This Portable Reiki Table:

  • 450-pound(272.7 kg) Heavy weight work weight capacity with a 2400-pound (1090.9 kg) static weight capacity
  • Table Dimensions: 72″ Long (without face cradle) 84 inches in length with face cradle
  • Table width 27″ Wide
  • Adjustable table height with heavy duty spa table legs: 25″ to 34″
  • 2″ Thick high density, small cell foam padding
  • Quality oil and waterproof PU Leather upholstery
  • Birch Hardwood for professional weight strength
  • Easy to fold up in seconds and includes free premium carry case
  • Removable and Adjustable Face Cradle


Adjustable Table Heights….

The best lightweight portable Reiki tables have adjustable heights of anywhere from 25″ to 34″ inches.  so you can set it up so it is more comfortable for you to use or it can be adjusted for other masseuses, if you are using the table in a stationary location like a salon or a spa.

Table Length…

The table measures 72″ long without the adjustable face cradle. With the face cradle slotted in, you have an overall length of 84 inches.

Wider Than Average Bed At 27 Inches

This is an important aspect to factor in, especially if and when you have taller clients.  Shorter tables mean taller clients have their feet hanging off the end which isn’t comfortable. With a width of 27 inches, the majority of bodyshapes are comfortable accommodated while you treat them with Reiki or massage.

2 Detachable Armrests

Along each side are padded armrests which allow you easier access and arm support for working around the clients head, neck and shoulders. They are removable.

Looking For A Wider Table With A 2″ Memory Foam Bed?

If you are looking for a 30 inch wide table with a plush bed with 4 inch padding, you may be interested in taking a look at this Reiki massage table as it’s a step up in quality and package options.

Inclined Backrest And Pivoting Facecradle…

One of the standout benefits is the inclined backrest which can raise up to 90% and anywhere in between. This is a benefit for older people or those who find lying flat uncomfortable. An incline is also more comfortable for those with physical disabilities or back problems which may prevent them from lying flat as it’s too painful.

The face cradle also pivots up for additional head support.

Durable PU Leather Upholstery…

Don’t worry about oils or water ruining the surface of your table as the top quality PU leather upholstery is completely oil resistant and waterproof. Many inexpensive tables are made with  cheap, nasty PVC materials that doesn’t breath well or resist stains. On reading Reiki massage table reviews from long time users of the table, the durability of the PU leather is excellent. It wears well and doesn’t attract staining.

  BestMassage Design The Best Lightweight Portable Reiki Tables…

Is traveling to see your clients is a part of your business? Are you are looking for a portable Reiki table for sale which includes a deluxe carrying case to protect your investment? This Bestmassage Reiki massage table package and your clothing as you move it from place to place.

Weighs Less Than 40 Pounds

It is easy to carry as it weighs less than 40 pounds and there are no special tools required to set-up it up or take it down when you are finished and ready to go to your next client.

Portable Reiki Tables For Sale Don’t Pay Too Much For Your Reiki Massage Table…

If you are looking for portable Reiki tables for sale which are inexpensive, and better quality, then this BestMassage table may tick your boxes.

Whether you are a student, new massage practitioner or are after a table for home use, this table is well priced if you have a limited budget.  You can afford a beautiful, high quality Reiki massage table for less than some of the cheaply made tables on the market.

Inexpensive Reiki Massage Table Review

If you need a inexpensive Reiki massage table, don’t settle for a hard, flat massage table when you afford a great quality table like this one from BestMassage. 

You might also want to consider it for your salon or spa business in order to expand your range of bodywork offerings in the future.  If you have a masseuse that practices Reiki techniques, or you plan to learn Reiki and / or massage yourself, you want a table that’s sturdy, well made and well priced.

Expanding your massage skills and treatment options helps your business attract new customers. Before jumping in with enthusiasm to snap up a table that sounds good- READ those  Reiki massage table reviews from users.

They give you an idea of how stable the table is, ease of folding it up when packing up, how easy  or not the legs are to adjust and a whole lot more!

2 thoughts on “An Inexpensive Reiki Massage Table That Is Unsurpassed”

  1. As a Reiki practitioner, this is the kind of table I would chose for a replacement of my current one. The features are excellent for Reiki as it allows the client to be propped up during a session.

    1. Hi Juan,

      yes, I agree it’s a good table as it allows plenty of room for the Reiki practitioner to get their hands around their client. And some clients prefer to be slightly inclined especially if they have colds or back pain. BestMassage make an excellent quality table which is very comfortable for your clients.
      Thanks for commenting!

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