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Quality Massage Sheets Make A Massage Table Professional

Every massage therapist knows that to give the best possible treatment, you need the best possible equipment. That includes a great massage table, as well as all of the accessories that might come along with it, which must include massage sheets. Whether your practice is confined to a clinic, or you take your table on the go for massage on location, there are some things that can make your table more effective and comfortable.
The Master Flannel Massage Sheets Set by Master Massage is one of those accessories.

Comfort and Material In Your Massage Sheets

The first great feature about the Master Massage sheets set is the comfort level that it brings to your table. These massage sheets are made of a super soft flannel material. Soft cosy flannel gives sensation of warmth and comfort that many massage tables are missing by giving off a clinical feeling.

By covering the table in a soft, comforting and inviting flannel sheet set, you will help make your clients feel relaxed as they lay on the table.

Some people may be wary of choosing flannel sheets because they have been known to actually become too warm, making for an unpleasant experience, especially in an already warm room.

However, the thickness of these massage sheets prevents that from being a concern. The sheets are a bit thinner than flannel bed sheets might be. This makes it possible to keep the table and the client at a comfortable temperature throughout the massage treatment.

Quality and Cost Of Your Massage Sheets

There is often a toss up when purchasing massage sheets. You are often forced to choose between sheet sets with a high quality and high price tag, or those with a lower cost and lower quality. That isn’t the case with these sheets. The cost is fantastic and the quality is excellent. While the sheets could be a bit thicker, they present a professional appearance to your massage table. What do you expect from your sheet set?

You’ll receive a massage table sheet that is the standard thickness and will fit your table well. You’ll also want to take note of the washing instructions. These sheets can be machine washed, but should be air dried to maintain shape. If they go into the dryer, there could be damage and they may shrink, making them fit poorly on your table and headrest.

Benefits Of These Flannel Master Massage Sheets:

  • 76% of customers liked these massage sheets, leaving 4.2 stars reviews and above on Amazon
  • Fits tables up to 32” wide.
  • Eco Friendly and 100% Natural Cotton, made from 5.5 Ounce Flannel
  • The large flat sheet is generously oversized, measuring  61″x100″ to cover different clients sizes
  • The fitted sheet is finished with an elastic band for a snug, comfortable fit  and non slip fit.
  • The fitted face cover is designed for comfort and works to protect your headrest from makeup and facial oils
  • Hypo-Allergenic and machine washable



Is There A Downside To These Massage Sheets?

Of course, there are flaws in nearly every product and a good description would be incomplete without addressing them. This sheet set is great, an excellent choice for those looking for an inexpensive solution to making their massage table more comfortable for clients.

However, the quality could be improved. With heavy use and multiple washings, you may notice some wear. This is to be expected with nearly any material, but it is worth noting. To keep your massage sheets looking and feeling great for as long as possible, be sure to wash and dry them as instructed.

Overview of These Massage Sheets By Master Massage

Are these sheets for you? If you’re looking for a great product at a low price, then yes. By choosing  Master Massage sheets for an excellent deal, you are getting a sheet set for your massage table which looks good, fresh and crisp and is an important part of the pleasurable massage experience for your client, keeping them happy and relaxed.





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