The Best Cheap Massage Tables & Massage Chairs

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We Have Sourced Good Sturdy Cheap Massage Tables…

Many salons and fitness clubs offer massages as a service for their clients in order to generate income.  In order to do so, they need to have the proper equipment on hand for their clients, including massage tables or chairs.  While they don’t necessarily want to buy cheap equipment, there are good quality cheap massage tables and chairs that can be purchased for their business.

If you are in the market for cheap massage tables or chairs, you can probably find them massage tables in your area, but you can also go online and find several less expensive tables that are made well.  You want something that is going to hold up to many different types of customers and not force you to buy another table just a few months down the road.

High Quality, Yet Cheap Massage Tables

The company BestMassage offers portable, cheap massage tables with 3″ padding that is currently 70% off on Amazon.

This is a high quality table that features a durable leather like material, which is oil resistant and waterproof, so it won’t be damaged when you use your client’s favorite massage oils.   The table has an adjustable height, so if the masseuse is shorter, the table can accommodate their height, allowing them to give their clients a great massage.

They have another massage table on this site that is similar, but with 2″ of padding on the table.  Like the other product, the height is adjustable and the material resists oil and is waterproof.  The table has a weight capacity of 450 pounds, which means you can service a wide variety of clientèle without worrying that your tables won’t withstand the weight of your heavier customers.  Both tables have an adjustable face cradle as well.

This table is offered at a discount of over 70%.

There is a nice range of colors to choose from;

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Cream


You can also set-up your massage business with Sierra Comfort portable cheap massage tables, which are similar to the tables from Best Massage, but offer a five-year warranty instead of a two-year one.

It offers a 2.5 inch foam density padding and two free bolsters to make your clients more comfortable while giving them a massage.  It comes in an inch longer at 79″ and an inch wider at 29″.

This is quite possible the best bang for your buck!

Best Cheap Massage Tables Are Easy Set-Up and Use

Blue BestMassage Table, cheap massage tables

There is no special tools needed to set up these tables when they arrive.  Just take them out of the box, unfold them and place there where you like.  If you are a full-time masseuse, all of the these tables are portable and come with caring cases to protect them as you make your way to your clients.  They can also be easily set-up in your shop or salon.


Beware Of “No Name”Cheap Massage Tables Or Chairs


Often when you buy cheap “no name” massage chairs or tables, you get cheap quality.  However, these brand name tables are inexpensive, but of very high quality and they will last for several years.  Rather than buying a lesser quality table because of the price, take advantage of these prices to add the best cheap massage tables to your business.



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