Every Masseuse Needs A Complete Hot Stone Massage Kit

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Before we look at each different hot stone massage kit, let’s look at what massage stones are and how they are used. A special kit with very smooth, highly polished stones of different sizes is used when administering hot stone massages.

Hot stone massage is a form of massage therapy that employs the use of smooth, flat stones that are heated and placed on the body at certain locations. The use of hot massage stones is not new, in fact, this form of therapy goes back thousands of years to ancient healers.

The  rounded polished stones used are typically made of basalt and able to retain heat for longer periods of time due to their high composition of iron and magnesium. The massage stones are most effective if they are oval and flat in shape. As they are used on the body, flat stones sit better and provide more contact with skin which enhances the massage when heated.
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Personal Massage Stone Set Basalt Hot Rocks Stones

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Sivan Health and Fitness Basalt Lava Hot Stone Massage Kit with 36 Pieces

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ZENSTONE Professional Hot Stone Therapy Kit – Rapid Waterless Tech – 12 Stones Included | Massage Warmer

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The reason why a hot stone massage kit is effective when the stones are heated is that the  lasting warmth relaxes muscle tissue, allowing for a deeper, penetrating massage if required by applying additional pressure.

For many, just the heat therapy is enough, while others use the heated stones to prepare their muscles for a deeper form of massage therapy. The heat combined with the gliding action is incredibly relaxing and you will often find your clients drifting off to sleep, or reporting and extra depth of relaxation occurring.

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Some users find the warmth their muscles receive from a hot stone massage is far more relaxing than any other form of massage therapy they have experienced.

The list of health conditions that have been treated by hot massage stones is long and varied. The majority of them are related to muscle aches and pains in the back, neck and legs as well as arthritis and poor circulation.

Nervous system conditions including stress, anxiety, tension, insomnia and depression have also responded successfully to being treated with hot massage stones.

 Best 3  Hot Stone Massage Kit

1).  Personal Basalt Hot Rocks Stones by RubRocks

heated stone massage kit

This is the number one hot stone massage kit available.

This hot stone kit contains a total of 26 basalt rocks including eight toe stones, ten medium working stones and a pair of extra large stones.

RubRocks sells stones that they have processed through a 7 step abrasive wash that they developed so they are beautifully smooth on the clients skin to create the ultimate relaxing luxuriousness  in a hot stone massage .

Benefits of the Hot Rocks Set:

  • 74% of customers gave this set 4.1 and above stars on Amazon
  • 8 – Toe Stones
  • 10 – Medium Working Stones
  • 2 – X-Large Stones
  • The ONLY stones on the market that go through a 7 step abrasive wash process developed by RubRocks
  • Stones heat up quickly and hold heat for long periods of time
  • Nice variety of stone sizes
  • Effective in relieving muscle tension
  • 25 years experience of producing the best basalt hot rocks for hot stone massage kits

benefits of hot stone massage


2). Basalt Lava Hot Stone Massage Kit by Sivan Health and Fitness

Sivan Health and Fitness Basalt Lava Hot Stone Massage Kit with 36 Pieces

This set of stones is huge. This massage stone set contains a total of 36 ‘hand picked’ rocks which includes eight large ones for use on the back and legs, twelve medium stones (for hands and arms) and sixteen smaller stones (for face and neck).

The complete set is stored in a wooden box that has compartments built into it for each of the stone sizes. The quantity of massage stones to choose from allows you to keep a supply remaining warm, you will not run short.

Hot stone massage therapy is excellent for increasing circulation for maximum blood flow for optimum wellness. it also increases cell metabolism which assists the body in processing nutrients and eliminating toxins. Lymphatic drainage is stimulated and helps the body to detox and eliminate waste.

Hot stone massage creates a wonderful feeling of harmony and balance, giving you a longer lasting a deep sense of relaxation.

Many massage practitioners prefer basalt rocks for a hot stone massage because of their heat retaining properties and how energizing they are.

Benefits of the Basalt Lava Stone Kit:

  • Beautiful stones and storage box
  • Set includes 36 hand-picked massage stones
  • Eight large stones for the back and legs
  • 12 medium stones for hands and arms
  • 16 small stones for the face and neck
  • Provides fast and effective pain relief
  • Stones hold heat well
  • Very high quality product


massage hot rocks set


3). ZENSTONE Professional Hot Stone Therapy Kit

This is quite simply a complete set of luxurious hot stone massage rocks. This massage stone set contains 12 stones (6 large and 6 medium) and are made of stones that heat rapidly, holding heat for longer.

This innovative rapid waterless heating system  heats stones to 130 F in just 11 minutes. Once heated, stones stay hot for 10 – 15 min, depending on stone size
and ambient temperature. No water also means no clean up.
If you are uncertain whether or not this is the right massage therapy for you, this set of stones is the perfect choice to try and use to ‘test the waters’ of heat massage.

Benefits of the ZENSTONE Hot Rock Set:

  • Includes waterless clamshell heater which heats stones to 130 F in only 11 minutes,
  • 12 Stone set which heats up very quickly and holds heat for longer
  • 6 Large Stones
  • 6 Medium Stones
  • Provide deep tissue massage using heat to stimulate blood flow at key points on the body.
  • Can be used frequently on a daily basis


hot stone massage kit


Here Is A Great Video On What A Hot Stone Massage Is…


Hot Stone Massage Therapy with A Hot Stone Massage Kit

If you are in the market for a hot stone massage kit, there are a number of different ones to choose from. These three examples are what we would consider your ‘best bets’ in massage stones. For those who are interested in just trying this form of massage therapy there is an introductory set of hot massage stones. There are also larger sets that contain more stones of different sizes for the serious fan of hot rock massage. Regardless of your preference, you are sure to find the perfect hot stone massage kit for your needs. You can read more on hot stone therapy here.

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