reiki massage table

An Inexpensive Reiki Massage Table That Is Unsurpassed

BestMassage make a fabulous range of massage tables and their inexpensive Reiki Massage Table is no exception! Designed to be extra long for taller clients in 5 rich colors, The BestMassage Reiki Portable Massage Table holds weights to 450lbs with high density padding and loads more features….

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Thera Cane Massager: Top 5 Back Massagers

Before we examine the top 5 Thera Cane Massagers, we should take a look at what one is and what it does. These handy tools are often referred to as a back cane and this nickname comes from the shape they come in. The simplest way to describe a is by saying it is a […]

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middle aged man receiving massage by therapist in traditional Thai position

Massage Styles And Techniques: Learn The Many Different Types

There are many massage styles and although an experienced therapist should be able to adapt any treatment to meet the needs of their client, some techniques may be more suitable than others. A good massage therapist continues to increase their knowledge by taking courses and workshops during the year to improve their skills and stay […]

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Providing A Holistic Healing Aromatherapy Massage

There is a close relationship between Swedish body massage and aromatherapy massage. All aromatherapists will incorporate some Swedish massage strokes during their massage routines, especially effleurage and some palmar kneading. Aromatherapy is a holistic massage, working mainly on the nervous system as a whole and including, as part of the same treatment, the head and […]

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mobile massage business practise (640x427)

Mobile Massage Business: How To Get Started…

The mobile massage business is a niche industry which attracts a diverse clientele and this is an increasing trend which is growing in popularity. It’s hardly surprising really. After all, the benefits of having a professional massage therapist paying you a visit in the comfort and privacy of your home instead of having to travel […]

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Pink Massage Table

Pink Massage Table: Create A Calming Oasis For Results

The Color Pink and a Pink Massage Table Sets The Mood… What is it about the colour pink…? Is it fluffy, girly, pretty or, perhaps, you are connecting to the divine feminine power, to inner knowing and connecting to your intuition to benefit your clients needs, to beauty, peace, standing in one’s power and inner […]

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Christmas presents, studio isolated on white.

Looking For The Perfect Massage Gift Ideas…

Are you looking for the perfect massage gift to give which will be much appreciated and enjoyed for years to come..? We have found a range of gift suggestion we know you will enjoy! How about the best massage table, or a massage table warming pad to give the most luxurious massage experience and a […]

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5 Of The Best Massage Table Warming Pads You’ll Love!

Would you like to provide the most luxurious and comfortable massage experience for your clients? Soft fleecy massage table warming pads provide relaxing and comforting warmth for your client as they relax under your capable hands. Not only is it relaxing, but the heat that massage table warming pads provide works to relax your clients […]

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HoMedics NMS-360 Shiatsu and Vibration Neck Massager pic

Absolutely The BEST 5 Shiatsu Massage Machines Now

 Why A Shiatsu Massage Machine Is The Best Kind of Massage… Shiatsu massage is a method of manipulative therapy that originated in Japan. It is built upon the foundation of three key elements: acupressure, stretching and Western massage. Known as a holistic approach to relieving pain and fighting disease, this form of massage is basically […]

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